Terms and Conditions


  1. Agreement Documents; Acceptance. The terms and conditions of this Purchase Order, and any attachments hereto, are exclusive and represent the full and final agreement of Buyer and Seller and may not be added to, modified, superseded or altered except by written agreement or modification signed by Buyer’s authorized representative, not withstanding any additional or other proposals, terms and conditions which may now or in the future appear on Seller’s invoices, quotations, acknowledgments or other forms. No variance of this Purchase Order shall be binding unless agreed to in writing and signed by Buyer.

Acceptance of this Order shall take place either by execution and return of a signed acknowledgment copy accompanying the terms and conditions of this Order or no acknowledgement after (10) ten business days the order is considered accepted

  1. All prices shall be inclusive of, and shall set out separate from the price(s) of the PRODUCTS, all applicable taxes, excises, duties, freight, importation fees, any fees or taxes to be paid or collected by Seller, or any other governmental impositions (except those based on Seller’s income) on or related to the production, sale or supply of the PRODUCTS.

Buyer shall have the right at any time to change an Order as to Specifications or otherwise. Seller’s receipt of Buyer’s notice of change without response received by Buyer within (10) ten business days or shipment or other tender or performance reflecting the change, whichever occurs first, shall be Seller’s acceptance of the change without any price or other adjustments of the affected Order. Seller shall make no change in the PRODUCTS or any material, services or labor covered under an Order without Buyer’s prior written consent. If any change is expected to result in either additional or reduced cost to Seller, Seller shall immediately inform Buyer of such fact and Buyer and Seller will agree upon an adjustment in the price or other terms of the Order to reflect the changes.

  1. All goods shall be shipped F.O.B. as stated on the face of Order. If goods are shipped F.O.B. destination or Purchaser’s plant, shipping charges must be prepaid in all cases. No insurance premium or shipping cost will be allowed unless authorized in writing. Goods must be packed and delivered to conform with Uniform Freight Classifications to obtain lowest shipping rate. Packing slips must be enclosed with all shipments showing order number, line number, part number, if any, and quantity. Charges accrued though Seller’s failure to ship in accordance with Purchaser’s shipping instruction will be charged to Seller account.
  2. All PRODUCTS received are subject to final inspection and test by Buyer. Such inspection shall be made within a reasonable time after receipt of PRODUCTS, irrespective of the date of payment, and any items that are not fully satisfactory to Buyer may be rejected by notice to Seller. Said rejected PRODUCTS are to be replaced with conforming PRODUCTS within the fastest possible time after notice of rejection, or at the option of Buyer, exercised by written notice, the quantity of PRODUCTS may be reduced by the number of rejected PRODUCTS.

Form: RPSI PTC Rev B


Q1. Personnel performing special processes must be qualified and/or certified per applicable specifications.

Q2. Suppliers are requested to be in conformance with AS9100.

Q3. Purchasing information to the supplier will include the applicable revision level of drawings. Process specifications shall be performed to the latest revision.

Q4. Inspection is to be performed and certified prior to release of product or service. New production runs on manufactured parts require a First Article Inspection report per AS9102 or similar format.

Q5. Test reports are required for raw materials.

Q6. All services/products require a certificate of conformance.

Q7. Test methods used for calibration services shall meet national standards (NIST).

Q8. If nonconforming product occurs as a result of supplier’s services, the supplier shall notify the organization in order to make applicable arrangements for the nonconforming product.

Q9. If supplier makes any changes to its processes that would affect product or service purchased by the organization, they shall be notified prior to the change.

Q10. Supplier shall also notify the organization of any changes to facility location and changes in management.

Q11. The organization, their customer and/or regulatory authorities shall have the right of access to all applicable areas of all facilities, at any level of the supply chain, involved in the order and to all applicable records.

Q12. If supplier needs to subcontract any part of the order to another supplier, all required information shall be flowed down to the subcontractor, including any key characteristics, if applicable. Subcontract work shall not be allowed unless prior approval is obtained by the organization.

Q13. Suppliers shall retain records in accordance with AS9100 for a minimum of 10 years.

Q14. Rapid PSI will interact with suppliers via email, phone, and/or site visits. Supplier performance will be reviewed on a regular basis by reviewing quality and on-time delivery. If it is determined that the supplier is not meeting Rapid PSI’s requirement for on-time delivery or quality, a corrective action request may be submitted for the supplier to review and respond to.

Q15. Awareness. Suppliers shall ensure their persons are aware of: A. Their contribution to product or service conforminty. B. Their contribution to product safety. C. The importance of ethical behavior.

Q16. Counterfeit parts. Suppliers shall have a process in place to ensure counterfeit parts are not being supplied to Rapid PSI. Guidance for this process can be found in AS6174.

Form: RPSI QTC Rev D


  1. Estimated delivery date is only valid for 2 weeks. Delivery is based on the capacity on the date the project is quoted. Delivery to be confirmed ARO.
  2. Standard production lead times on recurring orders are 6 weeks.
  3. Pricing on all quotes are valid for 30 days. (Long Term Contracts are exempt)
  4. Quoted prices do not include shipping or taxes, where applicable.
  5. All pricing is based on information at time of quoting. If addition information and requirements are presented after quoting, Rapid PSI reserves the right to reevaluate the quote to adjust price to match the additional time and materials. (Example: Prints provided with specific tolerance requirements after quoting / FAI required on production parts that were quoted as prototypes)
  6. Prototype have no warranties or functionality guarantee regarding R&D. They are used to give a better understanding of part design and are for evaluation purposes only.
  7. Payment terms are Net 30 for approved customers. For unapproved customers, COD or Prepay is required. (All major Credit Cards accepted)

Form: RPSI QuoteTC Rev B